In elementary school, Covenant Christian School encourages students to become better thinkers, readers, writers, and problem solvers.Here the groundwork for a Biblical worldview is laid. Emphasis is placed on preparing the students for the next educational level by challenging critical and analytical thinking skills during the elementary years. 

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Letter from Our Elementary Principal:

The faculty and staff of Covenant Christian School wish to assist parents in fulfilling their desire to educate their children in a loving environment. The beliefs established in the early years are often the foundational building blocks upon which a lifetime of knowing and loving God is built. Elementary students learn Biblical truths on a daily basis and attend weekly chapel.

All academic courses at CCS are intentionally taught from a biblical worldview. Language Arts centers on the excellent Foundations and Frameworks curriculum in which students learn to use visual tools to develop deep comprehension. The process prepares students to view critically any book, to filter it through God’s Word, and to progress in forming a Biblical worldview. The students are ready for the middle school years when they complete our elementary curriculum.

CCS also offers a unique mentoring program on a monthly basis. Middle/high school students are paired with children in grade K-5-6th in order to work on building relationships and doing service projects to help those in our community, as well as around the world. This program also promotes examples of friendship and servanthood.

Each child is known, celebrated, and encouraged to be all that our Lord created him or her to be. We look forward to your child learning and growing at Covenant Christian School. 


Julie Finch

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  • Utilizes Associated Christian School International (ACSI) curriculum

  • Program focuses on the foundational teachings from the Bible about the nature and character of God, the qualities of His people, and His church

  • An overview of the entire Bible with an emphasis on God’s attributes, Biblical characters, the early Church, and what it means to know Jesus Christ and live for Him. 

  • Fourth and fifth graders also study “The Young Peacemaker” to teach how to deal with conflict in a Biblical manner

  • Weekly Bible verses are memorized


  • Students investigate and explore God’s world with a variety of activities and experiences. 

  • Bob Jones University textbooks are utilized

  • Field trips support textbook information and include destinations such as Pumpkin Patch and DeSoto Caverns.

  • Covenant’s very own Outdoor Classroom is utilized regularly

Social Studies/History

  • 1st and 2nd grades use a CCS developed curriculum based on the Alabama course of study which includes attention to the hand of God in the lives of men and nations

  • 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades use Heritage Studies, a Bob Jones University curriculum

  • 4th grade also studies Alabama history using Alabama: It’s History and Geography by Clairmont Press.



  • Saxon Math Curriculum

  • Critical thinking is utilized with math facts and processes


  • One class per week

  • Story elements and appreciation of literature

  • Locating and organizing information

 Foreign Language

  • One class per week

  • Exposure to Spanish vocabulary and culture

 Physical Education

  • 5 classes per week

  • Personal fitness

  • Group games

  • Rules and techniques

  • Sportsmanship


  • One class per week

  • Music Appreciation

  • Vocal music

  • Listening, rhythm and movement


  • One class per week

  • Elements of visual art

  • Media techniques


Elementary students attend a media class weekly. The library provides media opportunities to participate in Scholastic Reading Counts.  Students visit the library weekly to gain increased resource availability and information. Online research databases are available for the students to use. Smartboards and computers are available in many classrooms for additional media resources. 

 After School Care (Extended Care)

Covenant Christian School offers after-school care from 3 pm to 5:30 pm each school day. The program is directed by a loving staff who oversee snack and play activities. All students not picked up by 3:15 pm of the regular school day will be taken to after-school care and the parents will be charged accordingly. 

 Elementary Athletic Opportunities

Covenant Christian School offers involvement with recreational sports, as well as traditional P.E. classes. Elementary students may currently participate in soccer and basketball.

Elementary Fine Arts Opportunities

In addition to elementary music and art curriculum activities, Covenant Christian School provides an opportunity for community art and music activities. 

ACSI Competition

Covenant participates in, local and regional, ACSI competitions. These competitions include creative writing, speech meets, math olympics, and spelling bees.

Daily Schedule includes:   

(Depending on grade level)

  • Bible

  • Table work:

  • Snack Time

  • Indoor/Outdoor Play

  • Language Arts (Phonics, Foundations and Frameworks, Language)

  • Math

  • Science

  • Social Studies/History

  • Health

  • Physical Education

 Weekly Schedule includes:

  • Music

  • Art

  • Library

  • Spanish

  • Guidance

 Annual Highlights

First Grade

  • 100 Days of School

  • Trip to Pumpkin Patch

  • Trips to plays at the Ritz and Shoals Theaters

  • Grandparents' Day

 Second Grade

  • Trip to Huntsville Depot and Constitution Village

  • Special Thanksgiving activities (Pilgrim Past times)

  • Christmas throughout American History

  • Reformation Day activities

  • Trips to see plays at the Ritz and Shoals Theaters

  • Grandparents’ Day

 Third Grade

  • Prairie Day activities

  • Trip to Amish country in Lawrenceburg, TN

  • Trips to plays at the Ritz and Shoals Theaters

  • Grandparents’ Day

 Fourth Grade

  • Trip to Montgomery, AL

  • Tour of The Shoals historic sites

  • Indian Festival in Spring Park

  • Trips to plays at the Ritz and Shoals Theaters

  • Grandparents’ Day

 Fifth Grade

  • Trip to the McWane Center in Birmingham

  • DeSoto Caverns tour

  • Trips to plays at the Ritz and Shoals Theaters

  • Grandparents’ Day