Pre-school is a wonderful time of exploration, discovery, creativity, and development. Physical growth, academic prowess, social bonds, and faith take root in these glorious early years of learning. Covenant Christian School’s pre-school program uses age-appropriate activities and materials to help children grow spiritually, physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually according to each child’s developmental stage. 

The pre-school years are the years when language matures, independence grows, and first friendships are made. Our safe and loving environment provides children with the support needed to help them learn through discovery and play as they develop. It is a goal of Covenant Christian School to maintain an atmosphere that affirms each child’s worth by honoring the reality that each child is created in the image of God. The children will be taught that our God is indeed their God – the God of the Bible who is all-knowing and loving. 

Teacher with students behind

Message from Our Pre-school Principal:

The faculty and staff of Covenant Christian School wish to partner with parents in fulfilling their desire to educate their children in a loving environment. The beliefs established in the pre-school years are often the foundational building blocks upon which a lifetime of knowing and loving God is built. Pre-school students learn Biblical truths on a daily basis and attend weekly chapel.

All academic courses at CCS are intentionally taught from a Biblical worldview. In addition to daily Bible stories, informal phonics in K-3 and K-4, with formal phonics taught in K-5, math, reading readiness, classroom music, art (K-4 and K-5 work weekly with the art teacher), and K-4 and K-5 attend physical education with the PE teacher, in addition to outdoor/indoor play.

Changes are taking place quickly in physical skills and cognitive-thinking abilities during the pre-school years. Socialization skills, such as listening, taking turns, and walking in line, in addition to learning readily while exploring with hands-on materials.

CCS also offers a unique mentoring program on a monthly basis. Middle/high school students are paired with children in grades K-5-6th students in order to work on building relationships and doing service projects to help those in our community, as well as around the world. This program also promotes examples of friendship and servanthood. 

Each child is known, celebrated, and encouraged to be all that our Lord created him or her to be. We look forward to your child learning and growing at Covenant Christian School.   


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Student sitting in a circle

Student building blocks



  • Old and New Testament Bible Stories

  • Weekly scripture memory

  • Integration of Biblical worldview in all subjects

Language Arts

  • Literacy Development: Phonemic awareness, introduction of letters A to Z, introduction of phonetic sounds, color recognition, print matching, and rhyming words, sight words introduced in K-4

  • Foundations and Frameworks reading program is begun in K-5 and continues through fifth grade. 

  • Comprehension: Story sequencing, making predictions, retelling, character, drawing conclusions, comparison and contrast

  • Listening and speaking: Follow directions, share experiences, express needs

  • Writing: Upper and lower case letters, numbers, first and last name


Social Studies

  • Civics:  Families

  • Economics:  Community workers

  • Geography:  Maps and globes

  • History:  American holidays


  • Numbers and operations: One to one correspondence, recognition of numbers 1 – 20, comparing sets, equality, concept of addition

  • Geometry: Plane figures

  • Algebraic reasoning: Patterns

  • Problem-solving



  • Life Science:  The body, five senses, plants, animals

  • Earth Science:  Weather and seasons


  • One class per week (K-4 and K-5)

  • Literature appreciation and story elements

Foreign Language

  • One class per week for K-5

  • Exposure to Spanish vocabulary and culture

 Physical Education

  • 5 classes per week (K-4 and K-5)

  • Movement, fitness, group games

  • Daily outdoor play (weather permitting)


  • One class per week

  • Vocal music, listening, rhythm and movement


Media and Technology

Pre-school teachers utilize technology in the classroom to enhance the curriculum. There are computers in the classrooms. In addition, teachers have access to a fully equipped computer lab. Pre-school students (K-4 and K-5) visit the library once a week for media exposure and storytime.

Fine Arts Opportunities

Pre-School students have annual Fine Arts events. Among these are the annual Christmas Program presented to other area kindergartens and Grandparent’s Day programs. 

Daily Schedule includes:   

  • Bible Time

  • Table work:  phonics, handwriting, and math

  • Centers/Free Play

  • Snack Time

  • Story Time

  • Indoor/Outdoor Play

  • Rest

 Weekly Schedule includes:

  • Music

  • Art

  • Spanish

  • Library

  • Guidance

 Annual Highlights

  • 100th Day of School

  • K-4 Mothers’ Day Tea

  • Community Helpers (police, firefighters, ambulance, and medivac helicopter visit the school)

 After School Care (Extended Care)

Covenant Christian School offers after-school care until 5:30 pm each school day. It begins at 2:30 pm for students in K-3 and K-4. Extended Care begins at 3 pm for K-5 students. The program is directed by a loving staff who oversee snack and play activities. Extended Care is provided free of charge for K-3 and K-4 students.