Always measuring its work, policies and progress with the guidance of God’s Word and in accordance with the school’s mission to provide an environment of Christian academic excellence, the Covenant Christian School Board leads and governs CCS to ensure appropriate school performance and Biblically-based integrity in all methods and practices. Throughout its history, the Board has been characterized by dependence on prayer.

Covenant was founded in 1985 by First Presbyterian Church (PCA) of Tuscumbia, AL. It has since become independent, but six of the Board’s 11 directors also are members of First Presbyterian. Covenant’s Board is self-perpetuating, selecting new members annually in May, using a rotation method and term limits, and operating with a system of committees.

School Leadership 2020-21

Hal Hughston  III - Board Chairman 

Dr. Lee Campbell - Head of School  

2020-21 Board Members

Hal Hughston, III, Board Chairman                                                           Brian Smith

​Marc Montgomery, Vice Chairman                                                            Nancy Ruggles​

Jameson Hughston, Secretary                                                                 Simone Singleton

Shana Alexander                                                                                      Mike Thompson

Gary Nantt, ThD                                                                                        Lee Campbell, EdD Ex officio

Bret Waldrep, Ex officio

2020-21 Administrative Leadership Team Members

Lee Campbell, EdD Head of School                                                        Debbie Shirley, Student Life Director

Bret Waldrep, Chief Administrative Officer                                        Robin Lopez, MA School Counselor

Juile Finch, MEd Lower School Principal                                                Hal Mills,  Athletic Director

Leslie ​Stults, Financial Director 

Blended Board/Administrative/Staff/Parent Teams

Education - Julie Finch MEd, Nancy Ruggles, Bret Waldrep, Robin Lopez MA, Brandy Patrick MEd, Mary Cait Finch MEd

Finance - Simone Singleton, Marc Montgomery, Bret Waldrep, Lesley Stults, Lee Campbell EdD

Admissions - Nancy Ruggles, Julie Finch MEd, Bret Waldrep, Gary Nantt ThD, Robin Lopez MA

Proposed Marketing - Shana Alexander, Marc Montgomery, Lee Campbell EdD, Bret Waldrep 

(three additional parent selections 1/2021) 

Proposed Facilities - Jameson Hughston, Mike Thompson, Lee Campbell EdD, Bret Waldrep, Brian Smith, Chris Glover

Proposed Development - Hal Hughston, Mike Thompson, Marc Montgomery, Shana Alexander, Lee Campbell EdD, Bret Waldrep  

Board Committees (some restructuring is pending/in progress)

Finance: Simone Singleton, Marc Montogmery 

Development: Hal Hughston, Mike Thompson, Shana Alexander

Faculty:  (As of August 2020 the faculty is employed by the Head of School) 

Education: Nancy Ruggles - Chair, Shana Alexander

​Building/Grounds: Jameson Hughston, Mike Thompson

​Admissions: Gary Nantt ThD - Chair, Jameson Hughston