Welcome from Dr. Lee Campbell


Covenant Christian School values you and your student. Jesus and students is what we are all about. We want to be a partner with you and your church in the raising of your child - training them up in the way they should go. With your child spending an average of forty hours per week at school, choosing the right school that partners with you and reflects the same values you espouse at home and at church becomes critical. Personally speaking, Private Christian education is the best investment I have ever made; my three kids went through private Christian school k3-12; I never regretted the sacrifices - and I know it's a sacrifice. 

Our students are what we are all about. Private Christian school is a great place to develop skills in academics, athletics, and arts. Recently, a college student observed our students after completing student teaching at another school; she commented, “I wish my students performed at the level yours do. Your students can do twice what my other students could.” Superior test scores and college acceptance are just two reasons to choose a private school. Athletic opportunity is another. Covenant is a consistent competitor with many championships under our belt. Covenant is also launching new fine arts electives beginning in 2021. 

 Our 35-year history speaks for itself. Our alumni are successful in many walks of life throughout our community. We are fully accredited by SACS and Association of Christian School International. Our facilities include athletic fields and a gym, technology-packed classrooms, a cafe/auditorium and a complete science lab. We offer a one-to-one Chromebook ratio from 1st through 12th grade. Students in grades 7-12 are able to live-stream classes if they are home sick; they appear in the rear of the class on a 75” monitor and can see via an HD ceiling-mounted camera, hear via a teacher’s lapel microphone and ask questions in real-time. 

 We are Christian from our founding covenant to our board, to our faculty and staff, to our families.  We believe that only faith in Christ alone saves us. We are an interdenominational, educational ministry. We welcome Christian families that meet our academic standard, raise students with excellent behavior, and are ready to make a long-term commitment to “the best investment you will ever make”. I know it’s a big deal, a big decision - come see us! 

 Tours are available every school day.

 We WELCOME you!