Dear Covenant Family,

We are excited about returning to campus this fall. I am impressed with the proactivity
of our Covenant team. The state of Alabama has cited School Nurses and improved
technology as cornerstones of reopening. Covenant was ahead of the game in planning
for both. The same can be said for our slightly delayed start date – now the local trend
for districts that intend to make a go of classroom education. We will even have
complementary masks for the first week of school if desired – already ordered before
our Governor’s last announced plans. Included in this packet is an overview of our plans
and our three critical commitments to our families in the areas of On Campus
Community, Health & Safety, and Technology.

We are trusting God for a great year. We are asking God for revival in our hearts and minds in the midst of this crazy world. The possibilities of what might or could occur are simply endless and it is best for me to leave the speculation to talk radio. The reality is we must educate our children. First, in the most important of things for their eternal life, God’s Word. Second,
as lifetime learners equipped for college and career. In addition to our mission in the lives of students, we recognize that parents need the freedom to return to the managing of their businesses and homes.

It is difficult sometimes to see God or trust him in this world; yet we must do so because
everyone who comes to Him must believe He exists and rewards those that seek Him. We
want to guide students towards that all -important reward, the Crown of Life that comes for
those in whom the His Spirit dwells. Wisely using our influence over student’s eternal souls
is a sacred trust of parents and their partners in Churches and Christian Schools.

Please pray for our counterparts in public school; you and I (my children went to Christian
school K-12) have chosen the high calling of Christian education to allow our children a leg
up, a competitive edge, and the heritage of a modern Christian worldview packed with
ancient wisdom and truth; but, there are many great Christians and many who need to know
Christ in the public school system. Pray for them. We have the liberty to be on campus
because we a have a low incidence of occurrence; we also have the ability to respond to crisis in different ways based on real statistics and research without the larger issues of politics that public school leaders face. We must pray for and support these vital neighbors at this time of crisis.

Neither my email, nor my cell, or my computer can handle the volume of questions that might be on your minds. But ask!  I will do my best. Along the way, forgive me for the answer, “I don’t know yet.” I do not mean I cannot or will not find the answers, simply that there are many unknowns. Be at peace that we are working hard for better plans for those on campus and also if someone must stay home. In all things pray and trust God. Ask Him what His will is. Do not let fear keep you from following His path. If it’s to stay home and homeschool out of faith, we support you; however, if it is to be part of His learning community do not let anything stop you from choosing Covenant. Trust Him. We will do our best in all things, but He will make where we fall short work to your advantage. That is who He is! God. He is our reason for being, for serving you and your children. This year is already unique because every child I have spoken to says they are ready for school to start. Don’t forget to tell your friends who are committed to on campus learning about Covenant.


Dr. Lee Campbell

Head of School